On My Way Set Design | Momentum Dance Collective

On My Way is a celebration of the beauty found in the spaces between departure and arrival, and the choreography serves as a powerful expression of the things we hold on to and the transformative lessons learned in embracing the unknown. Through the thoughtful and dynamic interplay of movement, music, and whimsical set design, On My Way captures the essence of travel – both external and internal – and invites the audience to embark on shared theatrical adventure, exploring the places we’ve been, the things we cling to, and the valuable lessons learned in letting go.”

The fantastic team at Momentum Dance Collective invited me to collaborate on the set design for their April 2024 show at UAA’s Mainstage Theater, On My Way. With many inspirations from the company for this show, we developed an overall aesthetic of limnal space, with paper correspondence and vintage suitcases as the key elements. The set includes swooping lines of letters, postcards and tiny notes, a chaotic landscape of suitcases, and a surprise drop of tiny love notes as confetti at the end of the show, showering the audience with thoughtful messages. Company members contributed many of the letters and notes.

For the event program, I made each guest a passport: these documents included info about the performance with a link to online event details and a visa for the show.

The joyful rehearsals of the company allowed me time to sketch and meditate on the ideas of travel, life transitions, distance and communication; I’ve included some of my rough drawings in this gallery.

Thank you so much to Momentum for including me in this show from the beginning and sharing your talents with our community.