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Emily Longbrake is a born-and-raised Alaskan freelance artist from Palmer. “Creatively omnivorous, I have devoured any and all books, art, and science that I could find and made objects from that inspiration since childhood. I’m also my parent’s daughter: my dad’s a farmer who works harder than anyone I know to build his dreams, and my mom treats her hobbies as professionally as her work as a nurse. They taught me everything they know, as well as how to assimilate new tools and media that I encounter. While I’ve studied ceramics, printmaking, and design, I’m happiest when combining past experience with a new medium or technology. I find joy in the process of making. My laser-cut wood works often employ the patterns, repetition, and fragility that I find in my inner and outer landscapes.”


  • Anyone else in Anchorage getting this weird orange smoky light inside the house??
  • Instagram Image
  • Here’s to three years of Ruby drama...
  • Orange House flipbook for #abunchabookartists
  • spiral book form work in progress for #abunchabookartists
  • new laser cut books !
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