An exhibition by Emily Longbrake
April 1-July 31, 2015
Chandler Fashion Center
3111 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler, Arizona
Wheel-thrown, carved porcelain {center spheres}, shellac, laser-cut luon plywood {rings}, steel wire, wood glue,  cotton thread {filaments}
Using a pottery wheel, throw a closed form {sphere.}Allow to dry to leather hard. Carve away the clay and  bevel the cut edges. Fire the ceramic piece to 2380˚F.
Design and cut rings using a laser cutter/engraver {available at TechShop Chandler} including holes for filament. Sand edges; finish with shellac.
Assemble the hygro/gyroscope with steel pins and wood glue. Sew filament through pre-drilled holes.
HYGROSCOPIC: the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules.
GYROSCOPIC: moves like a spinning object that can turn in multiple directions and maintain its orientation regardless of movement of its base.
I created these pieces to synthesize analog craft and digital design, to explore water-intensive materials, and to express my fascination with universal natural forms and patterns. I find tension between the limitless possibilities of clay, wood, fiber, and technology and the cost to our natural resources of exploring them. With this work, I reorient myself to nature and craft, like a gyroscope, and hope it holds water.