Functional Pottery

My functional pottery has included:

  • high-fire and mid-fire (cone 10 and cone 6)
  • all food safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe
  • porcelain and stoneware
  • bowls, from small to very large mixing bowls
  • baking dishes for pie, quiche, and casseroles
  • serving platters
  • tumblers, cups, mugs and steins
  • dinner, dessert, and serving plates
  • vases for buds and bouquets
  • custom wedding pottery
  • decorations including dinosaurs, bugs, mammoths, butterflies, spoons, wiener dogs or “beanie weenies”, and more made using wax resist, shellac resist, and vinyl decals

I’ve also donated more than 100 bowls and auction items to Bowls for Beans (also known as the Empty Bowl Project), a fundraiser for Anchorage’s Beans Cafe, a soup kitchen and resource for Alaskans in need, part of Catholic Social Services mission.