Bashful & Bold Collages

7″ x 18″ each – mixed media on paper

Bashful Peak and Bold Peak in Chugach State Park inspired this collage diptych made from hand marbled and painted papers. Though they’re theoretically accessible from my favorite Eklutna Lake area, these mountains are challenging climbs, and I feel very lucky to be able to experience the wilderness below their heights. Thanks to extreme avalanches like one below Bold Peak in 2000, the landscape that I have hiked through (the lakeside trail) has been cleared of trees in sections to provide a tantalizing view of the peaks when the clouds clear. To me, the intense blue of Eklutna Lake is a perfect complement to the color of the 2020 super blood wolf moon, so these studies gave me a chance to explore these colors and textures with some of my hand-marbled paper in a narrow vertical format. Learn more about Bashful Peak here and Bold Peak here.